(nem csak) Profik mondták

"Működik? Egyszóval IGEN!" A CATACLEAN pontosan az aminek mondják! Bátran ajánjuk mindenkinek a használatát. – Car Mechanics Magazine

"The test results are in, and early indications show that Erie County vehicles run cleaner and greener with a product from an Orchard Park company in their gas tanks." – Business First

"Wait until you have 1 of a tank of fuel left, empty a bottle of Cataclean into the car and drive around 30 miles…you might be surprised." – BMW Car Magazine

"This represents a genuine opportunity to garages in terms of gaining good will with customers by saving money on parts" – Commercial Vehicle Workshop Magazine

"I know what you mean about miracle cures that come in a bottle, but we've had a product in from Cataclean that does work. It's designated to clean up valves, injectors, Lambda sensors (oxygen sensors) and cats. We've done our own test on a car that failed the MoT emissions with similar figures to your 106 and after adding a bottle and taking the car for a short drive the figures came down to 0.15% CO and 21 PPM hydrocarbons. If you want more info have a look on catacleanus.com – Performance Car Magazine.